-----New Products Release------

The new power supply:SP-AM
New modules for distributed I/O control system
3. The short message service module:APB-SMS


  4. The network module:APB-ENNET
PLC Products Electronic Load Tour Guide System 5. 366x series programmable DC switching power supply
    --- APB Series   --- 372X series DC Electronic Load     --- AG 600 6. 3723A DC Electronic Load
--- AG 500 7. 3720A/3721A DC Electronic Load
--- FAB Series --- 3710A/3711A DC Electronic Load --- AG 360    
    --- SR  Series   6 1/2 digit Multimeter     --- AG 310    
  Text  Panel   Single Output DC linear Power Supply     --- AG 300    
  Switching Power Supply   366X DC switching Power Supply   Wireless  Amplifier    
  Multifunction Digital Timer Counter   Triple Output DC linear Power Supply   --- AU 210    
Industrial Communication Arbitrary Waveform Generator  
  Digital Time Switch   Universal Counter      

  Distributed Control System   Accessory      

                1. 372X Firmware Ver 1.43 available
The items SR-12MRAC, SR-22MRDC and SH-300 have obtained the UL approval which is issued by the underwriter lab.
ISO 9000 Certification
The company has been honored as China Power Supply Credit Enterprise by China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Special Committee of Power Supply
The company has been certified as Work Safety Standardization Third-Class Enterprise by State Administration of Work Safety.