¡¡¡¡Location: ¡ÏPLC¡ÏProduct Information¡ÏTimer Counter
¡øHighly visible display with backlit negative transmissive LCD
¡øConform to the key design of ergonomics
¡øFive Key Protection Modes:KP-1~KP-5¡¡
¡ø EEPROM (overwrites:100,000 times min.) that can store data for 10 years min.¡¡
¡øNPN/PNP switchable DC-voltage input
¡ø12VDC external supply power can drive the external optical sensors,such as encoder, infrared switches etc..
¡øApplied to connect PC/HMI
TC-Pro480 TC-Pro481 TC-Pro482
Digital Timer Digital Counter /Tachometer Digital Timer/Counter /Tachometer
Supported configurations

Timer, Dual Timer, 2-Stage Timer

1-stage counter, 2-stage counter, total counter, batch counter, dual counter, and tachometer (selectable) Timer, Dual Timer, 2-Stage Timer,1-stage counter, 2-stage counter, total counter, batch counter, dual counter, and tachometer (selectable)
Rated supply voltage
100~240VAC(50/60HZ), 24VAC(50/60HZ), 12~24VDC( permissible ripple £º20£¥(p-p) max. )
Operating voltage range
85£¥~110£¥Rated Supply Voltage (12~24VDC£º 90£¥~110£¥)
Power consumption
Approx. 6.2VA at 264VAC, Approx. 5.1VA at 26.4VAC, Approx. 2.4W at 12VDC
Mounting method
Flush mounting and DIN mounting
External connections
Screw terminals
Input signals
CP1, CP2, Reset 1 CP1, CP2, Reset 1, Reset 2 CP1, CP2, Reset 1, Reset 2
Max. counter speed
None 30Hz or 5KHz (10KHz for Tachometer) 30Hz or 5KHz (10KHz for Tachometer)
Timer mode
Elapsed time (UP), Remaining time (down) (selectable) None Elapsed time (UP), Remaining time (down) (selectable)
Input method
No-voltage input : ON impedance : 1k¦¸ max. ( leakage current £º5~20 mA when 0¦¸) ON residual voltage :3V max. OFF impedance :100k¦¸ min.
Voltage Input : High(logic) level : 4.5~30 VDC Low(logic) level :0~2 VDC( Input resistance: approx. 4.7 k¦¸)
Output method
Relay/transistor output
Control output
SPDT contact output: 5A at 250 VAC, resistive load(cos§¶=1)

Minimum applied load: 10 mA at 5 VDC¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Transistor output: NPN open collector, max. 100mA at 30 VDC
Residual voltage : 1.5 VDC max.(approx. 1V)
Output category according to EN60947-5-1 for timers with Contact outputs
(AC-15; 250V 3A / AC-13; 250V 5A / DC-13; 30V 0.5A)
Output category according to EN60947-5-2 for timers with Transistor outputs (DC-13; 30V 100 mA)
NEMA B300 Pilot Duty, 1/4 HP 5-A resistive load at 120 VAC, 1/3 HP 5-A resistive load at 240 VAC
Key protection
Life expectancy
Mechanical : 10,000,000 operations min.
Electrical : 100,000 operations min.(5 A at 250 VAC£¬resistance load)
Approx. 168g


A variety of alternative communication format
¡¡ Communication rate: 1200¡«57600bps
  Date Bit: 7/8bit
  Parity check: N/0/E
¡¡ Stop bit: 1/2bit
¡ñ Free PC software TCSOFT
¡¡ Quick setting and real time monitoring
¡ñ Support MODBUS protocol
¡¡ Connect all kinds of HMI/Text Display/OPC/Self-made software
Support RS-232/485/422 communication interface mode