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Why adopting the PLL synthesized design?
With the quick development of the wireless communication technology, the frequency used today,
may be interfered and cannot be used tomorrow.Only with PLL synthesized design to realize the
multiple channels design, the machine can normally work continuously. The channel of machine with
PLL synthesized design, can be changed easily, fast and correctly. Machine with PLL synthesized
design is the better choice and ideal machine.
Why use UHF frequency?
Nowadays the VHF 200MHz frequency is becoming more and more full, thus the signal .mutual
interference and all kinds of machines'noise interference is more and more The problem is becoming
more and more serious. Using UHF frequency can avoid the frequency traffic and the signal
How to use the lavalier microphone to reach the better sound?
When using lavalier microphone to amplify, if the volume is raised randomly, the buzz will easily be
produced. This is a hard audio tough. If you want to turn on the volume of the microphone and don't
want to cause buzz, the only but one way is to shorten the distance between the microphone and
the mouth. Thus you can raise the sound of the microphone without the need to turn up the volume
of the amplifier.
What¨s the digital pilotone & noise cancel technology?
Add a continuously changing UHF signal into the transmitter, and then relatively add a pilotone identifying
circuit in the receiver. When the receiver receives the transmitting signals with digital pilotone,the circuit
will be on. And the signals without digital pilotone even of the same frequency cannot open the output
circuit. This is for noise cancel.
Why use IR communication in channel selection?
IR communication makes the channel adjustment more convenient and deletes the nconvenience of the
i hardware adjustment. Also the number of the channel will not be limited by the hardware.
Why use the switching power in AU210 series?
Adopting the switching power, the range of the input voltage of the power will be wide (AC85-260V).
It will meet the requirements of all the countries and districts. Also it is plug-and-play.When the built-in
accumulator battery is short of electricity, it can work long time with full-load.